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Black Box’s Quick Fix Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Present


It’s that time of year, love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching again.

The time of year where the streets are filled with panicked gentlemen wearing confused faces, desperately seeking something that will bring a smile (and if they’re lucky a joyful tear) to their other half. As Black Box’s First Valentines Day, we are offering a quick fix guide to take the pressure off the present, giving you more time to enjoy the good old fashioned love that brought you together in the first place.

We want to make this February 14th as dreamy as possible, where Frank Sinatra sings you through your day, little bluebirds take over that pesky housework, and the men become hopelessly charming Cary Grants and Clark Gables. Come down to Black Box and we’ll do our best to make sure your day of romance runs as smoothly as a Disney fairytale (minus the Wicked Witch, of course).

In this short but sugary post we’ll show you how to find out a ring size without them finding out, give you some quick hints to help sussing out her taste in jewellery that little bit easier, show you some of the tempting treasures available in the boutique, and finally, invite you to our Valentines Treat Weekend at the boutique.


The key is to look at what she already wears and how she wears it. If you can answer just a couple of these questions, it will make finding the perfect piece of jewellery that little bit easier :


-          Does she wear classic, understated jewellery, or does she tend to prefer bolder, statement pieces? (An easy way to gauge her preference towards size of jewellery is to use coins. E.g. If the main part of her jewellery (the pendant / top of a ring / front of earrings, etc.) tend to be the size of a 5p, then she probably  likes modest, delicate jewellery, whereas if it tends to be larger than a 50p, then most likely bigger, bolder pieces are more her taste.)

-          Does she like flowery / geometric / quirky / blinging pieces?


-          Does she wear gold / silver, or prefer alternative materials like plastics / wood / fabric?

-          Is there a lot of colour in her jewellery box?

-          Which does she wear most often? :

            NECKLACES         –              short / long

            RINGS                   –              one’s she never takes off / does she have lots of different ones

            EARRINGS           –              studs / long danglies

            BRACELETS          –              moveable links like chain / solid bangles

 After you have the answers to a combination of these questions, pop into the boutique and we’ll do our best to match your lady to a curious piece of jewellery – HURRAH! Why not pop in this weekend…See below for details :)




1. SARAH BROWN, Cluster Studs £85 | 2. HANNAH LIVINGSTON, Secret message ring £208 | 3. KATE PICKERING, Asymmetrical Heart earrings | 4. TILLY BLOOM, Lovebirds brooch £18 | 5. SONYA BENNETT, Springtime Heart necklace £95 | 6. TWIGGD, Pink Swallow brooch £13.50 | 7. LAURA GRAVESTOCK, Loveheart studs £36.90 | 8. MANOLO, Leocadia brooch £26 | 9. LAURA GRAVESTOCK, Love ring £52.90 | 10. LA10, Floral etched studs £69.90 | 11. BLACK BOX, Swallow necklace £42.90 | 12.AMANDA COLEMAN, Cow Parsley studs £63.90


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Winter at Black Box

 Winter has well and truly arrived here at Black Box, brave the weather and pop down for a peek at our Winter Wonderland. We’re open everyday now until 5pm on the 24th December, with late night shopping evenings announced weekly on facebook and twitter .

Our Winter windows pay homage to the much loved children’s book ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’, with a solitary Victorian lampost, trails of turkish delight, and most of all – sssSNOW! Well, plastic snow, but we love it all the same…Twinkling star necklaces by Laura Gravestock and Yuki Mitsuyasu hang from the tower and lampost, luxurious statement Chandelier Earrings by Myia Bonner sit caught in the snowy branches, whilst Tilly Blooms soiree of characters gossip busily in amongst the fallen snow, and Hello!Lucky’s gorgeous retro Xmas cards brighten up our part of Narnia with their colourful characters.




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The Black Box Treehouse

 This Autumn Black Box’s inner child has come out to play; Come & visit us, climb up the rope ladder and rummage through our treasures in the Black Box Treehouse.

Our Autumn windows, inspired by a love for Norman Rockwells beautiful depictions of childhood, are home to honeyed golden hues & woody textures. Victoria Walker’s intricate insect & botanical jewellery sit in amongst the falling leaves, Cat & Fox Adventures’ gorgeous giclée prints pinned playfully to the treehouse walls, Sarah Brown’s sumptuous necklaces and Zoe Duthie’s lost treasures are gathered for safe keeping inside the musical table…


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